Gay-friendly Christian Groups and Organisations

One in ten (9.3%) of gay men regularly attend mainstream religious services but only one in twenty (5.3%) of lesbians do. Gay Census by ID Research 2002

The following list of UK Christian groups is out-of-date and far from comprehensive, but some of the sites listed have good links to other relevant organisations and are likely to be more up-to-date than this one.


Useful resource document

Click here for a new resource for Christians who are also gay. It looks very useful on many topics.

It was recommended by students in Delaware USA in August 2011.

Thanks for the suggestion!

(entered August 2011).



The 3rd Fellowship meets every 3rd Thursday in the month for discussion, prayer, friendship and food.

7.30 at St.Botolph's Church, Aldgate, E2. Coffee/tea, with the formal part of the meeting at 8.00 pm. This is the church where the LGCM effectively began. Share some food, bring a bottle, and meet some new friends. £4.00 if you can afford it. or

(Thanks to members of 3F who have taken part in the re-enactments.)

(updated August 2011).


African gay Christians

A lively e-group: for African gay Christians.

(entered December 2004).



Founded by Dr Barnardo, this organisation is well known for its work with children. While Barnardo's derives its inspiration and values from the Christian faith, today it works in a multi-cultural society with people regardless of faith and so is not strictly a Christian organisation.

Tel: 020 8550 8822
Fax: 020 8551 6870

(entered January 2005).


Black lesbian and gay Christian fellowship

invites you to its fortnightly worship on the first and third Sundays of the month at 2:30pm at Vauxhall Mission, Worgan St, LONDON SE11. Everyone is welcome.

Tel Pastor Kanley 020 7735 0314

(updated May 2007).


CARA life

CARA was founded as a specifically spiritual response to HIV. This approach
underpins all its work. For many people who come to CARA, being able to
gather with others and share the spirituality or faith is very important.
CARA's Pastoral Visitors are able to provide spiritual support that is
affirming of diverse sexual and ethnic identities and sensitive to the
problems faced by people who belong to minority groups.
tel 020 7243 6147
240, Lancaster Road, London. W11 4AH

(updated Jan 2008)


Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support (CAPS)

A network of Catholics in Britain and Ireland promoting HIV prevention and support, to be a voice in the Church for people living with HIV/AIDS and to be a Catholic voice in the HIV world.
CAPS publishes a twice-yearly Newsletter and other occasional publications. It sponsors the Positive Catholics group for people sharing a Catholic identity and HIV status. It also organises occasional seminars and training workshops on a variety of HIV related topics.

CAPS, PO Box 24632, London E9 6XF
020 8986 0807

(entered Nov 2004)


Changing Attitude

Working for lesbian and gay affirmation in the Anglican Church

(entered Nov 2002)



Courage is a UK-based, not for profit, evangelical Christian organisation for

  • gay and lesbian Christians who are seeking a safe place of friendship in which to reconcile their faith and sexuality and grow towards Christian maturity
  • Their partners and friends, parents and other family members
  • Churches that need a resource to help them understand the issues and needs of gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) people
  • Gay people without a faith who are seeking answers to life’s questions.

Our Focus is our relationship with God.

And our Objectives are:

  • to work out our Christian discipleship together, in a way that is consistent with the teaching of Scripture, especially for those who are gay or lesbian
  • to dialogue with our brothers and sisters in churches who find homosexuality difficult to understand or accept
  • and to communicate the Good News to all who do not know Jesus Christ.

Thanks to Courage for its help in the re-enactment project.

(entered Mar 2004)


The Ecumenical Catholic Church

The ECC is neither Catholic nor Protestant, in faith, canon law and liturgical practice. It holds to faith professed by the one holy, catholic and apostolic church was it was before the splits that wracked it historical development.

It believes everything defined by the first seven Ecumenical Councils and proclaimed in the Nicene Creed. The rest is not essential.· Women have been excluded from ministry by Catholic and Orthodox since Paul’s time, simply because of their God-given gender.

It includes women in the ministry. It welcomes those whose marriages have failed.

Since the Middle Ages homosexuals have been expected to reject the natural expression of their God-given nature. No so in the ECC.


(modified Aug 2004)


Evangelicals Concerned

This is New York based, but it's website is well worth visiting, not least for contemporary material on same-sex partnerships. It's leader, Dr Ralph Blair, is well qualified to write on these issues.

(entered Jun 2004)


Evangelical Fellowship of Lesbian and Gay Christians

The Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians (FFLGC), formed in 1979, is a group of women and men, most of whom are lesbian, gay or bisexual and come from an evangelical Christian background. The Evangelical Fellowship gives the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians, to support and be supported in times of difficulty and stress, to encourage one another in the Christian faith and to think through issues relating both to faith and sexualtiy.

(entered Jan 2004)



Today, GCN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the spiritual lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Christians of every denomination. Our site includes an internet radio show, a message board, and numerous articles and resources.

(entered August 2004)


Kensington Unitarians

Kingston Unitarians meet at Notting Hill Gate Sundays at 11am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. For further details of our programme and rites of passage services call 020 7221 6514 or visit our website

(entered Feb 2003)


Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement

Their site has a good page of links to other Christian gay organisations.

(entered Nov 2002)


Metropolitan Community Churches

Inclusion of All
Acceptance for You
Openness to Differences
Blessings of Lesbian and Gay Couples

An Inclusive Christian Church for our Community

MCC South London 020 8678 0200 Paster Rev Jean White

Brixton 020 8678 0200
Camden 020 8802 0962
Mile End 020 7538 8376
Portsmouth 023 8066 8522
Soho 020 8802 0962
and many others.

(entered Jan 2001)


Positive Catholics

Catholics living with HIV hold regular meetings at a Catholic church in Central London.
The group, Positive Catholics, includes people from African and gay communities, sharing together a Catholic identity and an HIV positive status. The group is committed to confidentiality, aiming to be a safe place for people to gather.

e-mail :
tel Vincent : 07952 475615          tel Janet : 0794 921 3475

Catholics for AIDS Prevention & Support (CAPS)
PO Box 24632, London E9 6XF
020 8986 0807

(entered Nov 2004)


Quaker Quest

invites you to explore modern-day Quakerism every Monday night, 6:30-9pm at friends house, 173 Euston Road, opposite Euston Station. Tel 020 7521 0376 or see

(entered Feb 2003)



is a group for gay men and lesbians whose constitutional purpose is to ‘proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so as to sustain and increase Christian belief among homosexual men and women’

This site has a good page of links to other Christian gay organisations.

(entered Nov 2002)


Rainbow Movement

Every individual - regardless of creed or colour, sex or sexuality, age or disability - is made in the image of God, to work in harmony with the whole of God’s
creation. We will therefore encourage a deeper awareness and understanding of the
spiritual needs and personality that is within every individual, to enable us all to live
in harmony with the whole of God’s creation, through our mind, body and spirit.

We believe that the way forward to peace and reconciliation in our world is through
the gift of God’s love and forgiveness and by every individual seeking from deep
within their heart; to love and respect God with all of their heart, soul and mind;
to love and respect their fellow neighbours and themselves; and to love and respect
the gift of creation through the Holy Ghost.

Rainbow Movement, PO Box 8087, Nottingham, NG5 9WR

(entered Jan 2005)


Roman Catholic Caucus of LGCM (above)

Postal address is:

RC Caucus
PO Box 24632
London E9 6XF

Tel. 020 7226 0847

They have a fortnightly Mass (5.00 pm,1st & 3rd Sundays at St. Anne's Church,
55 Dean Street, Soho) for lgbt Catholics, their families, parents, friends
and anyone else who wants to come along!

(entered Nov 2003)

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